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Decorative gift tags

Decorative gift tags

Handlettering is the latest trend. Even though it looks very artistic, it’s really easy and lots of fun to do. There are no set rules – anything goes. All you need is your chosen wording, a little creative flair, a suitable edding pen and a few helpful hints and tips. We have prepared these useful gift tag ideas with beautiful lettering in time for the Christmas season.

Hand lettering is all about drawing letters in an artistic way, although the design itself is a completely free choice. It’s entirely up to you to decide on a style of lettering and how you want to decorate it. The flexible brush tip of the edding 1340 brushpen makes it ideal for the job.

To make your own gift tags, you will need:

Step-by-step instructions
  • Cut out a piece of card the size you want your gift tag to be, making sure there is sufficient space for the design.
  • Add your lettering, such as “Merry Christmas” or “Season’s Greetings”

Here are some ideas for a theme:

  • Letters made up of dots: Using an edding 1340, begin by forming the outline of the letters with lots of dots. Next, fill in the letters with lots of dots in all sizes and different colours, using the very tip of the pen for best results
  • You could use a combination of large and small letters, or highlight some letters by using two different colours
  • You can add shadow lines or flourishes, make the letters rounded or angular, and write in script or block letters
  • Finish off with some decorative features such as little stars or holly leaves

When the design is complete, punch a hole at the centre top of the gift tag and attach a piece of ribbon

Make your own gift tags