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As an international company, edding has been a byword for felt-tip and fibre-tip pens in Germany for over 50 years. The Group develops, produces and sells marking and writing implements under the edding brand, as well as product ranges for visualisation, presentation and conferences under the Legamaster brand. In total, the Group brands are sold in more than 70 countries across the world.

edding’s primary objective at all times is to run an efficient business to the benefit of all partners. edding products are characterised by their durability and quality, with the needs of customers always at the forefront of its product development. From the very outset, an established component of the company's philosophy has been to reconcile business activity with environmental responsibility. As a company with an international dimension, edding has branches and distribution partners throughout the world. The edding Group currently has around 600 employees.


People at edding

We work together on the basis of mutual respect
We stand by our strengths and weaknesses and respect those of our colleagues. It’s not just open doors that symbolise our open culture, because a culture of open and honest dialogue leads to a better mutual understanding. We are guided by the tone of our brand: direct and with attitude, self-assured, uncomplicated and approachable. Whenever we communicate with colleagues and customers, suppliers and service providers, we do so respectfully, openly and on an equal footing. This allows us to resolve conflicts constructively.

We stand by what we say and are accountable for our actions - our customers and colleagues can rely on us. We back and support any decisions made.

Professionalism: We are professionals and have the company’s success in mind.
As professionals, we take responsibility for what we do; we make independent decisions, we communicate with focus and without delay, and we keep the interests of our customers and the interests of other departments in mind. We need constructive criticism to help us develop and make changes for the better. Mistakes are allowed, and we learn from them.

Fun and joy motivate us and play a role in our success
Everything is easier with a smile. In particular, we enjoy celebrating joint successes.

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